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2005-06-09 - michaelz_wumpus : First preliminary findings on corrupt X files

I've received 3 corrupt X files so far:

2005-06-08 - michaelz_wumpus : X-file checker and fixer - data needed

I'm working on a tool similar to the race checker which will check and possibly even repair problematic X files; however, these are relatively rare and so far I only have two samples to work with. There seem to be at least two separate categories of problems with X files - one related to compatibility between JRC3 and JRC4, and one occuring even within JRC4. I may have worked out the first of these problems, and am working on the second - but I need more data for both! If you have corrupt X files, please send them to me, with as much accompanying information as possible - in paticular, the accompanying XY and M files are invaluable, and if the HST file is available, that would be very helpful too.

Discussion on Autohost (Hosting forum, autohost login required to read / post).

2005-06-08 - michaelz_wumpus : Race checker and fixer online

I've put up a simple web service to check and optionally repair race files; it's available at http://wumpus.mine.nu/stars/check_race.php.

It's running on my personal web server at the moment, and thus will occasionally be down. Trying again 5 minutes later is unlikely to help. If it's down for more than a few hours, you can e-mail me.

Feedback is welcome, as usual.

Discussion on Autohost (Hosting forum, autohost login required to read / post).

2005-03-14 - michaelz_wumpus : Mockup of stars-alliances webpages online / Help appreciated

I've put initial mockups for the H file combiner web front end up here. Use the links at the top to navigate. The session management has kind of worked, but didn't automagically on SF - probably because it wants to write in /tmp and SF doesn't like that, or similar. In any case, I disabled the need to be "logged in" (with any username or password :P) - just click on the other links at the top and they will work (insofar as mockups "work"). It's not supposed to run on SF in the long run anyway..

It should give you an idea of the way I imagine presenting the web front end for this tool - if you think it sucks (for the presentation or for the basic concept), then feel free to come up with something better. I'm not a huge fan of website design :P (What, this page already gave you a hint ? Damn :P)

If someone feels inspired by the front end and wants to work on the backend, I'd be more than happy to accept help there too.

In any of the above cases, just e-mail me - as usual :-)

2005-03-11 - michaelz_wumpus : What is this actually all about?

I just scanned over the page and noticed that, even reading the AH thread linked some time ago, it's not actually clear what it is that I'm working on, so, here's a quick explanation:

2005-03-11 - michaelz_wumpus : Added easy and regular AI stats.

The ais.txt file has been updated with details of the easy and regular AIs; since I only did these recently, the information missing in the cases of the tough and exepert AIs is actually present here.

2005-03-06 - michaelz_wumpus : Team knowledge pooling.

Some time ago, I patched together an H file combiner and beta tested it for some teams in the ringsm game. It became moderately polished in that time, and now only really lacks a web service front end (I still don't feel able to release the binaries, let alone the source - see the update on the 10.10.2004). But that's work I find interminably boring, so the X file checker mentioned in the update below is going to get more attention for a while.

If someone feels like working on this, I can write up a spec for what I need; it's fairly simple... Just e-mail me at Michael "Wumpus" Zinn <das.wumpus@gmail.com>.

2005-03-06 - michaelz_wumpus : Tough and expert AI designs.

Something that came up out of a recent discussion on autohost is the question of the AI race designs... So here's details on the expert and tough AIs, as I determined them some time ago.

2005-03-06 - michaelz_wumpus : Changes on autohost get the wheels rolling again.

So, in the last few months, has there been much progress? Well.... no. But since autohost has recently added some password protection to M file downloads, one of my main concerns with the viability of putting this work in "the public eye", as open source, is at least partially addressed, so work has sporadically resumed.

My immediate objective is to write a basic validity checker of X files - given an HST file and an X file, the checker should catch a few tricks which slip by the stars! hosting utility. EG: Prior to 2.7jrc4, the validator could have checked for the freepop hack. I don't immediately intend to check for "shades of grey" things (split fleet dodge, N/S or E/W minefleet immunity), but I will aim to catch some of the more clear cut stuff (quick starbases, and some nasty X file tricks which - as far as I know - aren't common knowledge... yet). Most of this is fairly trivial, but there are some considerations about how whole universes should be stored in memory I should Do Right the first time, rather than making a quick hack now and getting a headache over it later.

As usual, don't hold your breath... "real" (ie: paid :-P) work (fulltime plus a sideline) is keeping me more than adequately busy...

2004-10-10 - michaelz_wumpus : News and some long-existing links (finally)

First link: the planet names list mentioned in the last update: planetnames.c (fontified) or planetnames.c (plain). Sorry this wasn't linked sooner.

Second link: Map2XY download. Another one that has been up for a while.

And lastly: In spite of appearances, a lot has happened in the last 2-and-a-half months. But none of this has been uploaded, even into CVS, for reasons that you might be able to conclude from reading this thread on the Stars! Autohost forums. (Yes, I know, subtlety has never been my strong point, at least not in that kind of thing).

2004-07-24 - michaelz_wumpus : new module xyfile

OK, I've uploaded my tamperings with the xy file into a new CVS module, xyfile.

2004-07-24 - michaelz_wumpus : Welcome to LEit

Welcome to LEit, a new developer who is on board. He'll be adding 'map2xy' in the next few days, and I'll throw together the few additional "known" or reasonably hypothesised ideas about the XY file format that I've gathered.

Is there hope after all that this project isn't completely dead?

2003-03-19 - michaelz_wumpus

Ahem. Right. I'm getting back up to speed again. Hopefully there'll be some updates over the coming weeks. The project hasn't been forgotten about. Honest!

Nothing too exciting here yet; but there's a sample of some of what the script(s) do so far here. This is from a team game which is now over.

Since there's not a great deal in the way of 'instructions' on the report page, here's some points on what's so exciting:

Unfortunately a number of this still require manual entry into the DB - such as race information.

Also, more configurable things should be moved into the DB - some things still are (EG, the xfig colours to be used for each race - this is why, in the example, the Cramontini/Ork/Badger planet names are all shades of blue, etc), but more should be.

One day, there should be a gui on all this :) But thats far in the future at this point, I suspect...

Interested in having a closer look and/or hacking around a bit on this yourself? Feel free to grab the code, of course (I'll dig around for anonymous CVS instructions for SF when I have some time - and I suppose I should think about setting up packages at some stage), and if you want to contribute something, get in touch with me: Michael "Wumpus" Zinn <michaelz_wumpus@users.sf.net> (German or English. You can try other languages too, but I probably won't understand a word and discard your mail on the assumption that its spam ,-P)